2-Man Tent Green
2-Man Tent Green
2-Man Tent Green
2-Man Tent Green

2-Man Tent Green

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Made for 2 people camping. This 2 person tent is simple to pitch and passes all our resistance and waterproofing tests. Flysheet protects you from condensation. Free-standing dome structure.


Easy Assembly / Dismantling

Free-standing structure. Simple pole installation.


Bedroom 120 X 200 cm. Max useful height: 105 cm.

Compact Design

Dimensions of the cover: 57x12x11 cm/7.5 L. Weight: 2.2 kg.

Heat Reduction

Flysheet and ventilation at the rear of the tent.


Withstands 40 km/h winds (Force 5): validated in wind tunnels on rotating plate


Tested under a shower at 200 mm water/hour/sqm (tropical rain) and field tests.

Environmental Impact

Lifecycle comparison: sleeping tent

OF PEOPLE             2 PEOPLE
ASSEMBLY                 POLES
FOLDED SIZE       57 x 12 x 11 cm/7.5 L
WEIGHT                      2.2 KG
Storage: after use, or cleaning, store tent only when completely dry to prevent odour and mould growth.